Airtime is a video production company which, quite simply, specialises in getting footage ‘on air’,

Whether it’s a news story or a corporate project, an Airtime camera crew will deliver quickly, efficiently and always with the audience in mind.

Video news releases, stock footage, news coverage  – the common denominators are that they are of the highest-quality, they are targeted and are unfailingly watchable.

Airtime also makes stunning corporate videos with the emphasis on creativity and affordability.

First with the News
Airtime has been supplying high-profile news footage to TV networks for over 20 years - efficiently, rapidly and around the world.
Video News Releases
Our speciality. We produce video news releases designed for optimum use then deliver them directly to the newsrooms that matter.
Footage Archive
The Airtime archive is available for immediate use by programme producers. Searchable and downloadable - a treasure trove of clips.