How to use a video news release

Video news releases are transforming the way companies, organisations and even individuals project their image on TV. Here’s our guide to their use:

A video news release is quite simply a press release in broadcast video form and is usually a series of video shots issued alongside still photographs. It’s provided as an additional asset for TV stations and may be used as a standalone item or, more often, as part of the reporters’ overall package.

It can be supplied as video tape, via a satellite feed, on a hard disc or most probably as an internet download.

It can be hard-hitting news video, an interview with an executive or maybe shots of a difficult-to-record industrial process. The common denominator is that the client has control and can offer positive images to a producer free of charge. Why have a TV crew poking an around your factory when you can issue your own positive video ?

A video news release should have the following features:

  • It should mirror the style of TV footage straight from the camera – not too much quick editing and a wide variety of shots
  • It should be delivered in a format which TV stations find acceptable – and that nowadays means HD
  • It should be easily accessible for hard-pressed producers – which means straight into their servers or from a easily-downloadable source
  • It should be supplied fast, on-time and the images should be relevant to the story
  • It should be relatively short, normally less than five minutes, for easy access and assessment

This is the key to Airtime’s operation. We work on a daily basis with the main TV stations and know exactly what they want in terms of content for a specific story. Topicality, ease of use and professional output are essential to getting a VNR used on national television. Contact us to learn more about the way VNR’s can transform your public image. Ring us on 0844 8002656 for a casual chat or email us for more information.

Our typical VNR UK distribution list

BBC News
BBC regional
ITV regional
Channel 4 News
Channel 5 News
Sky News
Various web outlets